What are the best ways to earn money while traveling around the world?

Few people gave here great ways to earn money like blogging, photography and freelancing so:
I will show you a different way that I used to travel for almost 3 years around the world.

What did I do?

I became a street artist!

It first happened when I was in Berlin. The Berlin wall was among the most popular busking location in town.

First I went there to spy!

I’ve watched the street artists for a few hours, trying to understand how profitable busking really is, and what makes people stop and give their money to the artists.

Then I went to buy drumsticks and on the way I stopped in each construction area Isaw, asking for old paint buckets.

Since I didn’t have a house, and playing on buckets in the hostel could get me many enemies, I looked for an isolated area and found it under a bridge close to a river.

I placed the buckets and started to play

I was pretty embrace so I just closed my eyes, continue playing.

After a few minutes I opened my eyes, and saw few people standing 5–7 meters away from me, it seems like they actually enjoying.

I played few more minutes and when I finished they clapped ( they fu@&&g like it!).

Few of them looked for a place to throw me a coin so I flipped my buckets and the money starts coming in.

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